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Payment is required at time
of service. Cash and checks accepted.


We accept most insurance plans. This information is subject to change. Please check with our front desk staff when you are scheduling your appointment.

We do not accept:


Workers Comp


No-fault insurance.

Download Patient Forms

Save time by filling out forms before arriving at our office.

Ask which forms you’ll need when you confirm your visit.

Helpful Hints for first time patients

Allow 60-90 minutes for your first evaluation.

Bring your insurance card/information.

Please review our list of accepted insurance plans.
If your insurance plan is not covered, or you do not have insurance, then you may

pay by cash, check at the time of your visit.

Please bring any relevant records to our office when you visit, which may include:

Records from other treating or consulting physicians or doctors.

Reports of lab results, MRI’s, X-rays, or other diagnostic tests.

Actual MRI, CT-scan, or X-ray films (including hard copies or those burned onto discs).

Independent Medical Exam reports (IME reports).

If your insurance requires
a referral from your primary-care physician, you are responsible for making sure that this is in place prior to your visit.

Patient Information FormFirst_Visit_files/WM_Patient_Information_Form.pdf
Consent Authorization FormFirst_Visit_files/Consent%20Authorization.pdf
Privacy Practices FormFirst_Visit_files/Privacy%20Practices.pdf
Medical History Review FormFirst_Visit_files/Medical%20HIstory.pdf

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